Sports and Memorabilia

Your memorabilia holds huge sentimental value and quite simply, it cannot be replaced. Which is why it deserves the utmost professional treatment and care when it comes to framing.

With a personal design consultation and all our work being done on site, we understand how best to present your precious pieces, perfectly preserving the memory of a person or occasion that holds great significance to you.

At ATOS Picture Framing we understand the significance of your memorabilia and we have the experience to know how to correctly care for and frame a vast array of memorabilia, including but not limited to:

Jerseys . Boxing gloves . Gold and cricket bats . War medals . Boxing gloves . Golf and cricket bats . Sporting medals . Turkish mats . Baby clothing . Ballet slippers . Shoes . Baby plaster casts . Trinkets . Jewellery

You can tell the story of your precious pieces with the addition of items such as plaques, photographs, tickets and newspaper articles.

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Jersey Framing

If you are lucky enough to own a jersey signed by your favourite sports star or team, we know just how incredibly valuable and irreplaceable this item is to you. Or perhaps you’d like to capture your child’s previous sporting moment?

Not only do these jerseys hold great sentimental value, but it often is a significant financial investment that can increase in value over time if it is properly preserved and protected and shown off to its best advantage.

Preserving and protecting your investment

Jerseys are not easy to frame but with our team members specialising in this exact area, we ensure the correct techniques when framing your jersey, preserving it in either a flat frame or box frame that shows it off to its best advantage.

Your jersey will be inserted with foam core packer and attached to the acid-free mounting board with fine dress pins that leave no mark if they need to be removed later.

Medal Framing

Create a family heirloom that will be treasured for generations to come by framing your family’s valuable war and service medals.

Not only does the correct framing display, protect and preserve these priceless items, it also ensures the stories of courage and sacrifice these medals represent will never be forgotten by future generations.You may even want to combine several generations of service in the one frame, or further tell your family’s service story with engraved plaques, letters, photographs or other memorabilia framed in with the medals.

Accessing and presenting your medals

Our custom-made frames can be designed to suit your requirements, whether you prefer a sealed display or a hinged display that allows you to access the medals if they need to be worn. We also can mount the medals in different ways, according to your preference and will advise you on the right way to frame and present your medals.

Whatever you decide, we will ensure your medals are displayed in a frame that is sensitive to the era.

The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for man

Framed jerseys and memorabilia are a wonderful gift for those men of your family who can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Your beautifully framed jersey and memorabilia will become the focal and talking point of your home or office for years to come, so it pays to get it properly framed by professionals who know what they are doing.

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