When a customer arrives to our showroom with their artwork they usually have very clear ideas on how they want their artwork framed and that’s great as it helps us understand what you want to achieve.

Its then our job to bring that vision alive and show you perhaps a different design that you may not of thought of that will make your piece pop

We want  to make sure you can visualise the end product & that you are happy with your decision.

This can take some time,  there is a lot to consider, where it will hang, your personal style, do you want all your pieces to be uniform in style or is your style more eclectic?

Choosing a mount can be the easy part you then need to find a frame that goes with the mount and the artwork.  We encourage & include our customers in the design process as we don’t all have the same taste, its all about balancing the mount with the artwork and frame, your eyes want to go to the picture not the frame.

The final piece to the framing puzzle is the glass.  We always ask the question Do you if you know where the picture will be hung? is it opposite or beside a window? in a dark room?  You then might want to consider non-reflective glass or Ultra Vue Uv 70 which filters the damaging UV light, or we might suggest Museum Glass (the ultimate of glass choice) highly recommend this glass for those valuable, old or delicate pieces, we have samples of these in our Brookvale showroom for you to see the differences.

Some people don’t want glass and that’s fine but we do advise that if you have a mount then you should have glass as the glass protects your piece from mould, insects, dust & little fingers.

Its important to us that you are happy with your choices & it gives us great satisfaction seeing your faces when you come to collect your framed artwork.